School children given psychotic drugs in experimental drug trials

In what must be one of the most blatant acts of government criminal activity and total disregards for children’s rights, it has today emerged that the British Home Office did in the 1960’s approve drug trials at two British schools without the consent of parents

The drugs approved by the government were an anticonvulsant drug to see if it would control their behavior and a powerful sedative called Haloperidol now used as an anti-psychotic.
Furthermore, it has also emerged that one doctor who wanted to go even further, a Dr JR Hawkings, a psychiatrist attached to Richmond Hill School, did, back in 1967 write to the Home Office requesting permission to administer a drug called Beclamide, an anticonvulsant in an apparent effort to ascertain if it would control their aggressive behaviour. This drug is no longer widely used, but was used to control epilepsy.
The above doctor was given permission by the Home Office to carry out his experiments on the children. Alarmingly, all carried out without the parent’s knowledge or permission, furthermore the children, of course were not given the choice.

Did you attend the Richmond Hill approved school, were you forced to undergo this horrific experiment? We here at STB NEWS Stevethebloggers Blogspot would like to know.

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Credits and Sources: British National Archives files, BBC.UK, Sanchia Berg  of the “Today programme” You can read her full article by using the following link

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High class wedding in China 590ft above the ground

Ever wanted a high-class wedding? Well look no further, just join the latest trend in China and get married in midair, 180m (590ft) above a large gorge, whilst dangling from the glass Shiniuzhai Bridge in Pingjiang Hunan province, China and of course do it whilst celebrating China’s Valentine's Day, held on the 9th August every year.

Not your cup of tea, then I guess you will have to follow the advice of five other couples who chose to get married, on the same glass bridge. They though, chose the safer option of keeping their newlywed feet firmly planted on the glass floor, of the suspension bridge.

Love knows no limits

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Credits and Sources BBC.UK and the Chinese News Service

Mayor of Cannes bans burkinis from his beach

David Lisnard, the Mayor of Cannes, southern France, seems to be in a bit of hot water, after banning “burkinis”, a full-body swimsuit, stating they were a “symbol of Islamic extremism” and may spark scuffles, now that France is the target of Islamist attacks. He has also warned people they would be fined €38, if they disregarded his new rule.

This rather controversial ruling comes while France is on high alert, following recent terrorist attacks including July’s truck attack in Nice. Authorities in the area have been quick to add that any person wearing a “burkinis” will first be asked to change into another swimming costume, or simply leave the beach.

Just how long this ban will remain in place is not yet clear, but this is not the first time bans of this type have been put in place in France. In 201,1 France became the first country in Europe to ban the full-face Islamic veil, known as the burka, as well as the partial face covering, the niqab.

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Credits and Sources: BBC.UK, David Lisnard Mayor of Cannes and my friends at Wikipedia for the pictures