GBNH Breaking News Turkey: Large explosion rocks Sanliurfa province | World Global Breaking News Hub

GBNH Breaking News Turkey: Large explosion rocks Sanliurfa province | World Global Breaking News Hub

Once again Turkey has been hit by unidentified terrorists when a car bomb exploded in the town of Viransehir, in Sanliurfa province, a province which borders Syria, killing one innocent three year old child and injuring at least 15 others.

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Chainsaw attack in Belarus one dead | Global Breaking News Hub

Chainsaw attack in Belarus one dead

Reports of a horrific chainsaw and axe attack in the Europa shopping center in Belarus’s capital city of Minsk state, that one woman has been killed
and another injured.

Terrified shoppers at the shopping center ran in
all directions in-order to escape the deadly actions of an 18-year-old-man
wielding a chainsaw and an axe, obviously intent on causing as much lethal harm
as his deranged mind would allow.

Aleppo is burning a Child’s Escape

Throughout this short narrative, please imagine that Aysha is your little five year old girl and she has just escaped from Aleppo Syria.

This is a true story; Is a written account of what she has escaped from and where she is now. Please watch the short video at the end of this narative, It shows a little boy caught up in the horrers of Aleppo
Staring up at the crumbling wooden rafters of what has now become her new sanctuary, an abandoned derelict building in Turkey, she sees the shadow of a large rat flitting in and out of the sun rays, all of which have become cheerless from the musty putrid dust, emanating from the rottenness decaying wood of the building. 
Meanwhile, lost in her thoughts she listens to the early morning traffic as it rumbles over the cobbled streets of the old city. For her, this is unusual, for where she has just escaped from there is no traffic, mainly due to the lack of petrol, but it has to be said, even if there were petrol, the traffic could not pass her house because of the relentless bombardment, from the many warring factions; Russian, American, United Kingdom, France, Syrian rebels the militant group Islamic State of Iraq, ISIS and yes, even her own Syrian Government led by Bashar al-Assad. All of whom have helped to elongate, one of the longest and most tragic civil wars, the world has ever witnessed in recent history. 
Believe it or not, it could be said, that little Aysha is one of the lucky ones, but she is scarred and will never be the same, her childhood has been ripped away like an old page in a notebook. Horrific images and sounds are engraved like tombstones, deep within the young crevasses of her young mind.

Tragically, Aysha, according to the UNHCR agency is just one of the millions of men, women and children, who have all made the perilous journey over the hot, and dusty, militant infested hills of Syria, before reaching the relative safety in neighbouring countries like Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.

Aysha will also remember being apprehended on the hillsides of Syria, by an armed gang of militants who, with weapons held high, forced her parents to pay a bribe for a so called safe passage, out of Syria. 

Sadly she will also remember stepping over the dead of Aleppo while snaking through the rubble of what once was her home. She also remembers the horrific stench emanating from the decaying bodies of her fallen friends and family. Yes! Aysha is now safe, but she will never be the same, her eyes once bright and filled with joy are now dark and expressionless, she does not speak, for her young mind is still back on the streets of Aleppo. 

Authors note:  The United Nations agency informs us that apart from Aysha, a further 6.5 million Syrians have fled Syria, to live in comparable squalor in order to escape “horrific crimes against humanity” being committed by all factions in the area. Furthermore they have estimated that many do not get as far as Aysha. So far at least 190,000 men women and children have perished, either by direct military action, or because of the lack of medical services. 

The World Health Organization for instance reports that an incredible 70% of health care professionals have simply fled the country, thus placing most of the countries hospitals out of commission. This in itself has led to a massive increase of diarrhoea and “hepatitis A” among the Syrian population.

Have war crimes been committed? Yes! Intentional or unintentional and from all factions. Just look at the above video, #Aleppoisburning


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Credits and Sources:   Credits and Sources:Youtube The World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations, UNHCR, UNICEF, BBC.UK  STB NEWS at Stevethebloggers blogspot